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Ule Ewelt - Tierplastiken

My work focuses on the representation of animals. Since the beginning of human existence, we have had close ties to animals. Seeing animals elicits images, memories, feelings, and associations in intense ways. Animals are tangible and palpable and have a highly symbolic character. They figure great representation in all mythologies. Our close and contradictory relationship with animals goes back the origins of mankind. This is because Early Stone Age humans lived in a world inhabited and shaped by animals. They constituted not only a source of food, but also a competitor for nutrition and a threat.

I began to delve deeper into this topic as I was dealing with archaic animal representations, especially cave paintings in Lascaux and the Chauvet Cave in the south of France. Thus, I made the relationship between humans and animals at the time of the origins of mankind the central topic of my work. I deeply admire our prehistoric artists who managed to capture the inner nature of animals with just a few lines.
For me, a central theme when representing animals is capturing an internal motion, a dynamic snapshot. My work consciously strives to build a mental connection with archaic forms of presentation. I want to transport the viewer back to the time of the first human being who — from his inner drive — was able to create impressive works of art.
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